A letter to myself

Dear Syaza,

I don't know what happened to you lately. Seriously. You seems so down. I know you have problem, don't you? Syaza, you know what is the hardest part in life? True, making decision is the hardest. We don't even know what is the best for us. In your problem, you don't know whether to be or without him is the best.

Time passes, people leave. But please, bear in your mind. Allah is always with you & same goes to me. Don't you ever lose your faith in Him. He knows what the best is for all of us. There is no time to regret. Life is too short to regret. Enjoy your youthful life because you'll never be at this age again. Just take the challenge no matter how hard it is. Do you want to know what your problem really is? Your problem is, you like to think too much.

Before you love other, you need to loves yourself. I know, you're good at hiding your feelings. Sometimes, we have to be honest with ourselves. Syaza, please do not lie to me. I know you always cry in your sleep & while taking a shower. Yes, I know the best place to hide our tears is in shower. Why? It is because that is the only place we can't differentiate whether it is tears or water.

I don't know, maybe this is the best way to tell you that, you're worth it. Don't treat yourself likes this. Whatever happens, stay strong. I'll support what path that you'll takes after this. InsyaAllah, everything gonna be fine. Trust yourself. Sometimes we need to do wrong, so that it can teach us what life really is

The old Syaza.

p/s : I know my grammar is bad. Sorry.


Si Pujangga said...

be strong.. :)

ade2mama said...

blja dr kesilapan..kte bwu lgy kt dunia ny:)

Syaza Zul said...

Thanks korangg :)

hamzah ian said...


Ain Atika Zailani said...

heii awak..chill ya..tak mo sedih yeee=)bulan puasa ni kalau banyak bersabar lagi berkat..heheh

Anonymous said...

be strong girl.. now u must believe KARMA.. its ok.. u will be ok.. INSYALLAH.. trust me.. =)